Open ecosystem of technologies for integrated analysis in biomedicine

The project aims to develop, promote and manage the open ecosystem of technologies (Barcelona Computational Biomedical Ecosystem, BCBE) including the main computational tools developed by the project partners to facilitate access to omic data stored in EGA. In this way, allow the integrated analysis of information in the context of biomedical projects.

The BCBE will be freely accessible and dissemination and training efforts will be developed so that other groups and companies can use the BCBE resources within their own developments, adding their own tools for use in purely academic and commercial environments.

Impact on the healthcare environment

All the knowledge that will be generated directly from this project, but even more, that will be generated when companies and research groups make use of the platform, will have a direct impact on the Catalan system of science and technology. Especially in those that operate in the healthcare environment, which are gradually incorporated into the use of omic technologies and personalized medicine projects including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, rare diseases, metabolic diseases, respiratory diseases and others.

The developments in the BCBE platform will in turn be integrated into the projects funded by the Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation in Health (PERIS) 2016-2020 of personalized medicine in oncology (MedPerCan) and rare diseases (URDCat), as their research groups also participate in VEIS. In both cases, it is intended to influence the model of healthcare for patients, of undiagnosed neurological rare diseases on the one hand, and cancer on the other, evaluating the sequence of activities necessary for the application of genomic criteria in decision-making process.

These projects cover topics such as controlled access to data, patient selection and monitoring, the implementation of clinical-genomic analysis platforms based on RD-Connect GPAP, the generation of omic data, and the generation of results reports for the clinical use, as well as the definition of the resources and infrastructures necessary to carry out these activities. The integration of both projects as well as the tools, systems and platforms that configure them will allow to accelerate the use cases and the evaluation of the implementation of the BCBE in clinical settings, together with partners from hospital settings (IGTP, VHIR and VHIO) of VEIS. Furthermore, this integration will enable long-term storage of project data in (Local) EGA and direct contact with responsible biomedical researchers in an omics data processing environment.

Implementation in partners and collaboration with other actors in the system

The developments of the VEIS project will be implemented in the projects of the institutions involved, at the same time that collaboration with hospitals, research groups and local and international industry is encouraged, contributing to supply new services to national health systems.