Value of the EGA for Industry and Society


Value of the EGA for Industry and Society

The RIS3CAT VEIS project will create an open ecosystem of technologies that covers and adapts to the needs of analysis and interpretation of omic and clinical data in research and application environments in biomedicine, through the database EGA.












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The VEIS project develops and executes the tasks foreseen in 7 subprojects. VEIS partners organize their activities in a transversal way in 5 collaborative working groups.

Project 1. Training and communication

Disseminate the ecosystem of tools of the Barcelona Computational Biomedical Ecosystem (BCBE), as well as train users, developers and trainers in it, through a series of courses including those to update professionals in the sector, and other training and dissemination activities.

Project 2. Sustainability

Create a strategy to ensure the sustainability of the developments generated during the project even after its completion.

Project 3. Linking

Facilitate dialogue between EGA and the BCBE tools ecosystem through an extension of current APIs and authentication and authorization protocols.

Project 4. Tool catalog

Prepare a catalog of the systems developed and maintained by VEIS partners, which constitute the BCBE ecosystem. The catalog should provide information on the functionality of those systems, the data type and format they need as input and the output provided. This project will allow the BCBE ecosystem to be aligned with international infrastructures with similar objectives.

Project 5. Interoperability

Harmonize controlled vocabularies used by tools and EGAs and improve data discovery.

Project 6. Benchmarking

Implement a benchmarking framework in technical, functional and scientific terms of the systems developed and maintained by VEIS partners. This framework will allow choosing the best BCBE system to use following a combination of objective criteria where not only the validity of the scientific result is considered, but also the technical requirements and technical and functional efficiency.

Project 7. Use cases

Evaluate components of the BCBE ecosystem in clinical settings, using as a starting point the projects in which VEIS partners are involved. Clinical research environments provide the ideal framework to evaluate their functionalities in terms of access to information in EGA, the degree of interoperability between the different components and systems, as well as the degree of need for the connection between different tools and systems. Finally, it will also be the ideal framework to identify possible new methodological developments that are necessary in different clinical research settings.