The main objective of the RIS3CAT VEIS project is to create an open ecosystem of technologies (Barcelona Computational Biomedical Ecosystem, BCBE) that covers and adapts to the needs of analysis and interpretation of omic and clinical data in healthcare environments. research and application in biomedicine, through the EGA database (European Genome-Phenome Archive).

VEIS also aims to promote projects aimed at designing, evaluating and implementing the necessary infrastructure in clinical settings as a clear component of personalized medicine in Catalonia. To achieve this objective, the consortium has 3 of the main hospital institutions in the environment.

RI3CAT VEIS has an action period to achieve the aforementioned objectives in the short term (3 years), since it is the duration of the funding of this action. However, it also hopes to continue working and have an impact in the medium term (5-6 years) and long term (10 years). These three time periods can be summarized as follows:

Short term

Develop BCBE, an ecosystem of tools capable of operating on EGA data in a biomedical research environment in hospitals and research centers.

Middle term

Develop and make interoperable different tools for clinical applications that will be part of both the biomedical research environments in hospitals and the set of resources available for the local industry related to the healthcare tertiary sector.

Long term

Position and consolidate Barcelona, and the entire Catalan bioinformatics environment, in the international market as a key player in the development of omic analysis, using EGA as a platform and effectively integrating existing scientific capacity through the business platform described in the documentation with the growing innovative activity in the area of biomedicine and health.